Warm Belgian Endive Salad

Belgian Endive cut in half 

Belgian Endive cut in half 

This recipe builds on my recipe for Braised Belgian Endive. It’s very simple but does create a rather different dish if you are looking to fancy up your endives a bit.

It’s not a strict recipe in the sense that I’m not providing any quantities. Use as much or as little of things as you will. Personally, I’d crumble as much goat cheese as I could on this thing – but I could probably live on the stuff, you might not be so inclined (Who am I kidding? Of course you love goat cheese! What kind of person doesn’t love goat cheese?)

I used an expensive oil in this recipe because I had it, but it is perfectly fine to substitute it for another – I’d go with olive or perhaps avocado, maybe even a citrus infused olive oil, but probably not coconut oil.



Braised Belgian endive

Pumpkin seeds, toasted

Pumpkin seed oil

Goat cheese, plain

Salt and pepper, to taste


Serves: up to you

Time – prep and cooking: 1 hr 15 min, if you still need to braise the endive; 15 min, if you are just reheating it.


1. Make or heat your Braised Belgian Endive.

2. If need be, toast your pumpkin seeds. To do this, warm a pan over medium-high heat. Once the pan is warm add the seeds and toss until nicely golden brown. Move them frequently ‘cause they burn quickly.

3. Put a few pieces of endive on a plate, drizzle with the oil, top with some goat cheese and a sprinkle of toasted pumpkin seeds. Add a dash of salt, maybe even some pepper. Voila! A nice, warm winter salad.

Looking back on it, I might have also added a hit of vinegar to this.  Let me know if you try it that way and how it turned out!


Warm Belgian Endive Salad 

Warm Belgian Endive Salad 

Do you have any winter salads that you love? 


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