Juice vs. blenderized drinks (aka smoothies)

What’s the difference between juice and blenderized drinks (aka smoothies)? Do these drinks need to be a part of a "healthy diet"? Is there something else we should be incorporating instead? I recently sat down with my friend and movement specialist Dr. Blake Wu to discuss the difference between juices and blenderized drinks (aka smoothies) for his video blog.

As it is New Year’s Day, many people are resolving to adhere to healthier diets. It has become a trend lately to go on a “juice fast” or to incorporate juices or blenderized fruit and vegetable drinks into a “healthy” diet. In this video I explain that these drinks are not necessarily a healthy option and what you might choose to do instead.

And don't worry, I'm not actually jaundiced, it's just the lighting :)

If you'd like to learn more about Dr. Wu, check out his website Dr. Wu Sports Pod and his Instagram account - it's a great account for movement motivation and inspiration.