Food Prep 101: An Introduction

Food Prep 101

Food Prep 101

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m going back to school to get my MS in Clinical Nutrition (Kermit happy dance), which means that I need to re-organize how I approach my cooking. For the last few months I’ve been in a transitional phase and was spending my days at home so I had the luxury of being able to cook everything from scratch everyday of the week if I wanted. That will clearly not be the case as I go back to school and a part-time job and it’s clearly not the case for most of you.

I bet most of you have seen food prep ideas before, it’s become a rather big thing in the last few years and I think it’s great that people are sharing how they make sure to still eat home cooked meals while balancing busy schedules. However, a lot of these food preps are about cooking whole meals or preparing whole meals in advance that can just be heated up when needed. This is not how I like to cook.

I prefer to cook from scratch (as much as I can) and based on how I feel. I’ve never been one to fully map out my eating for the week; I’ll pick a couple of things I’d like to get in but I need room to change my mind based on how I feel on any given day (Random fact: this is true for my clothes too, which makes packing for a trip a pain in the butt!)

Because of this, my food prep is focused on what I can do before hand to make sure that when I get ready to cook most of the time consuming prep has already been done. This means that my food prep ideas will give you different components to allow you to more easily put together meals/snacks/drinks on the fly.


How do you like to cook, on the fly or pre-planned meals? Is there a specific prep that you’d like me to tackle?