Caitlin in 2006 with an ancient cooking pot, which was filled with the remains of a dish that combined goat and pork. 

Caitlin in 2006 with an ancient cooking pot, which was filled with the remains of a dish that combined goat and pork. 

About Me (Caitlin Allday)

Currently I live in Dallas, TX with my husband, two cats, Kanga and Sulley, and our crazy dog Roscoe. I am originally from Austin, TX and like most Texans I have an unhealthy obsession with my state. I moved to New York in order to pursue my MA in Classical Studies at Columbia University. I have always been interested in the vessels with which we prepare and consume food, and I spent many years studying Roman ceramic food vessels. In January, 2014 I began a Didactic Program in Dietetics at NYU. In June, 2015 my husband and I moved to Dallas for his residency program. I am finishing up my last DPD requirement here in Dallas and am hoping to begin my internship this fall.  I also enjoy CrossFit, running, knitting, and am still trying to figure out how to "put an outfit together."  

About My Approach to Cooking

I grew up in a house with two very different food philosophies. My dad always wants to try new things, have new food experiences, and is constantly looking for the latest restaurant to try. My mom would rather stay home and cook for herself, typically using local ingredients, frequently from her own garden, and while she occasionally uses a recipe, most often she cooks from feel. My approach to cooking is a combination of these philosophies - sometimes my recipes will have very specific instructions, other times they will be more loosely constructed (these will be found within the What I Ate posts.) These recipes are about trying to encourage others to play around in the kitchen - add ingredients, subtract ingredients, change amounts. Most of my recipes will not be harmed by modifications and will instead be given your own unique flavor. My recipes are based on using whole, real, nutrient-dense foods. 

About My Thoughts on nutrition (etc.)

Nutrition is a complex topic and many people have spent countless hours trying to unravel all of the intertwined aspects. We have learned a lot since the science of nutrition began some hundred years ago, but in trying to find answers we have inadvertently found ourselves in a worse place than when we started. Vested interests, a cacophony of opinions, hubris and hyperbole have all lead us to our current nutritional state. The only way that we can untangle ourselves from this situation is through education, transparency, and getting back to eating real, whole, nutrient-dense foods.

Besides recipes and entries on nutrition, I include posts concerning different ideas and thoughts on food, cooking, movement, physical activity & health. I hope to use this space to encourage frank discussions. These will include a wide variety of posts spanning many different aspects and I'm always looking for more ideas, so suggestions are welcome. Cooking and food are such a huge part of culture and I find exploring their different aspects to be infinitely interesting - hopefully you will too.


I am not a doctor nor do I play one on the Internet. This site is meant to share my own personal experiences, it is not meant to provide medical advice. Please consult your doctor regarding you own situation and whether or not you should attempt any of the things mentioned on this site.