Tex-Mex Seasoning Mix

Tex-Mex Seasoning Mix

Tex-Mex Seasoning Mix

There are several versions of this floating around the Internet, but most are a variation on the same recipe. My version is not that different from the others, I just use fewer ingredients.

I don’t include oregano for two reasons: first, to me oregano feels odd in Tex-Mex cooking and second, my husband does not like oregano that much.

I also don’t include red pepper flakes. This seasoning is about adding flavor, not necessarily heat. It also gives me greater flexibility when I don’t want much heat in my dish or I want to use hot peppers that would not necessarily work with red pepper flakes (e.g. jalapenos.)

Another ingredient that you will sometimes find in homemade taco seasoning mixes is cornstarch (or maybe arrowroot.) I don’t include this mainly because I want fewer ingredients and while I’m sure there are those who say it has a purpose, I’ve never felt like it was missing anything.

Finally, I don’t mix in salt and pepper because I want as much control over these spices as possible. I primarily use them to taste, so I don’t like anything that will add them unintentionally (I know this is my seasoning mix so I should remember what’s in it, but that is not usually the case while I’m cooking.)

When I make this, I make a double or triple batch and keep it in a small glass jar. It is really convenient for those days when I don’t really know what to make. Just add a little of this seasoning to some meat and you’re half way to a meal.

Clockwise: Chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, cumin, cayenne, onion powder

Clockwise: Chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, cumin, cayenne, onion powder


Chili powder, 1 tbsp

Garlic powder, ½ tsp

Onion powder, ½ tsp

Paprika, 1 tsp

Cumin, ground, ½ tbsp.

Cayenne, ground, ¼ tsp


Serves: enough mix for several recipes, depending on how much you use.

Time: less than 5 minutes


1. Place all ingredients in a small glass jar and shake up. Done!


Do you make your own spice mixes?