Tidbits (What I'm currently digging - Jan, 2016)


Here's what I'm currently digging...

So…. my posts have been pretty spaced out on the website lately. I'd like to apologize for that to the five of you who actually read what I write. Moving to Dallas and trying to get settled took way more of my mental energy than I thought and I wasn’t feeling very inspired. But I am starting to have the feels again and I can’t wait to share with y’all!

I’m probably gonna be playing with some different post formats, so if you are particularly fond of something or really don’t like something, please let me know (respectfully)!

Alright, let’s get to it.

Here’s what I’m currently digging in the world of nutrition and food:

1)   The Dorito Effect – This book is amazing. It is all about flavor and how adding flavor to our food has changed our bodies’ ability to recognize nutrition. This book is clearly written, easy to read and provides ah-ha moment after ah-ha moment. It is also one of the only nutrition related popular books that I have read that doesn’t try to provide unwarranted dietary advice – yes, there is a section about how to approach eating based on the info in the book, but it is the most general and clear advice that I have ever found in a nutrition book and it is 100% warranted. Please read this book, it will change how you approach food, nutrient density and flavor.

2)   This article by Dr. Eades about the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans that were released this month. If you care at all about how our nutrition policy is set, which then impacts COUNTLESS other things (including but not limited to: school lunches, Food Stamps, funding for nutritional science, what our nutritional recommendations are supposed to follow, etc.) please, please, please read this article.

3)   Everything in Moderation is one of my pet-peeves. It is so pervasive in the “common wisdom” and we are even taught it in our dietetics training. But why? What does it mean? And is it really true? This article is one of the best explanations of why “Everything in Moderation” is actually a really bad rule to live by.

4) Cholesterol Clarity - This book provides some really interesting insights into blood cholesterol, health (namely heart disease) and diet. For many people it will seem like a pretty radical departure from the common wisdom, but if you follow the logic, it makes quite a bit of sense. I haven't researched every claim, but it provides a different (probably more accurate) perspective of what blood cholesterol does, what the numbers mean, and how (or even if) they might be applied to our health. 

5)   Citrus! It is that time of year and I am eating A LOT of citrus. It won’t last forever, but right now I’m indulging in all the citrus.

Winter Citrus is the best!

Winter Citrus is the best!