Breakfast 7/22/15

What I Ate: Breakfast 7/22/15 - Poached Eggs at home

When: Breakfast, 7/22/15 

Where: At home 

Ingredients: Eggs, Cholula hot sauce and a pinch of salt

What I Ate: I hadn't poached eggs in a while so wanted to give it a go. There are five tricks that I think really help when poaching an egg: 1) a bit of vinegar in the water; 2) make sure the water is gently simmering and not fully boiling; 3) create a whirlpool in the water (use a spoon to swirl the water into a whirlpool - The better the whirlpool, the more spherical the poached egg); 4) crack the egg into a ramekin instead of straight into the pot; 5) slide the egg into the center of the whirlpool from the ramekin as close to the surface of the water as possible. Then you just cook the egg for around 4 minutes for a yolk that still runs. After that I just add a splash of hot sauce and a pinch of salt.