Dinner 7/27/15

What I Ate: Dinner 7/27/15 - Hot dogs as the bun and a salad

When: Dinner 7/27/15

Where: At home

Ingredients: Applegate Farms hot dogs, sugar-free dill relish, mustard, and a salad (lettuce, radishes, carrots, tomatoes and a touch of Avocado Vinaigrette)  

What I Ate:  Hot dogs as the bun and a salad. I believe Hot Dogs as the Bun was originated on Instagram by the ladies of Flame to Fork and it is genius! All you have to do is take a hot dog, slice it down the middle and cook it up in a frying pan or over a grill. Then you fill it with whatever floats your boat. Genius and no bun! Lately we've been doing it about once a week with a salad on the side because it is soooooooo easy and sometimes you just want an easy-peasy option.

I know some people are against hot dogs (or even the relish, the dressing or the mustard) because it's processed, but here's the deal: I completely agree that processed "food" is not food in the paleo/primal/evolutionary sense and should be treated with caution. However, if you pay attention to ingredients and keep it to a minimum, your body is perfectly capable of dealing with it without going off the rails. As we evolved our species did not always have access to the most nutritious/best option for food, but what allowed us to survive was our ability to adjust and utilize these less than ideal options. The problem is that these options have become the only "food" options for many people. If most (at least 80%) of your food choices are real, whole foods and your body con handle it, then the occasional (20% - or less - of the time)  processed food is not going to completely wreak havoc for most people, even if not the most nutritious option. And let's be real, we live in a very different world than we evolved in, so sometimes we have to do our best and convenience is definitely a factor - just read those labels and ingredients!