Breakfast 8/10/15

What I Ate: Breakfast 8/10/15 - Egg stuffed avocado

When: Breakfast 8/10/15 - Egg stuffed avocado

Where: At home

Ingredients: avocado, egg, Hatch salsa (from Whole Foods), and bacon

What I Ate: I got this great idea from the Maffetone Method newsletter. The Maffetone Method is an approach for using fat to fuel you; it also incorporates a heart rate mediated approach to running/training.

All you have to do is halve an avocado, remove the pit and the skin, and scoop out a bit of the flesh from the middle to make more room for the egg (reserve the flesh for topping the egg.) Fry up a big piece of bacon and use the left over fat to scramble an egg. Once the egg is scrambled spoon it into the scooped out avocado. Take the extra flesh from before and mix it with some salsa (in my case I used the Hatch salsa from Whole Foods) then top the egg with it and a sprinkle of salt. You don't have to use the left over flesh (though who would waste avocado?!) or salsa to top it, you could use any number of things or nothing at all. Try this yummy, filling, fat-full breakfast option and let me know how you made it!