Dinner 8/8/15

What I Ate: Dinner 8/8/15 - Lamb Lasagna (Snap Kitchen)

When: Dinner 8/8/15 - Lamb Lasagna (Snap Kitchen)

Where: At home but from Snap Kitchen

Ingredients: Spinach, tomatoes, onions, lamb, and grain and gluten free lasagna noodles (there were probably a couple of other things in there too, but I can't remember what they were, though they were all whole food ingredients.)

What I Ate: I love to cook but just like everyone I get tired of it sometimes and just want someone else to do the cooking. But so often when we want someone else to do the cooking we use it as an excuse to 'treat ourselves' and eat whatever we want. And that's fine, occasionally, but we should also think of eating out as an opportunity to still eat healthful food, just without the work of having to cook it; that is still a treat in and of itself! This is where Snap Kitchen comes to the rescue. They have many options, lots of them gluten free and Paleo, but I don't have to cook it and it tastes great! Check them out if you are in Dallas, Austin, Houston or Chicago.