Brunch 8/16/15

What I Ate: Brunch 8/16/15 - German food

When: Brunch 8/16/15 - German food

Where: Kuby's Sausage House in Dallas

Ingredients: sausage (with some horseradish and yellow mustard), red cabbage, potato salad and sauerkraut.  

What I Ate: Being a Texan through and through, I have to occasionally indulge my need for German food. I wouldn't recommend eating this way everyday, but when you do it's actually pretty easy to make smarter choices if you are trying to stay gluten free or still want to be as nutrient dense as possible.

For gluten free: as always, if you don't know, ask! Watch out for anything cooked in beer and the potato pancakes usually have some flour. I find that so long as I stick to sausages, cabbage (red and kraut), and potato salad I'm usually pretty safe. The only other thing to know is that there are some sausages that have flour in them - so ask if you don't know!

How to keep nutrient density higher: eat more sauerkraut and sausages, and save the potato salad for last. Depending on how the red cabbage is prepared (meaning, if it has sugar in it), you may also want to save it for last. By saving the potato salad (and possibly red cabbage) for last, you will hopefully fill up more on the kraut and sausages, which are going to be more nutrient dense foods generally. That way by the time you get to the less nutrient dense foods you'll only want a few bites before you are full.