Lunch 8/5/15

What I Ate: Lunch 8/5/15 - Sweet potatoes, avocado and Hatch salsa

When: Lunch 8/5/15

Where: At home

Ingredients: Sweet potato, avocado, and Hatch green chili salsa (from Whole Foods) 

What I Ate: I have to brag, this meal was the bomb. You could probably use a different kind of salsa but the seasonal Hatch salsa from Whole Foods really was phenomenal with this. 

To make this, I cut roughly half of a very large sweet potato into pieces. I boiled some water and then added the sweet potato pieces for 6 minutes. Once the sweet potatoes had parboiled (that's what it's called when you partially cook something as the first step), I drained them in a colander and let them sit to dry off a bit. While the potatoes were sitting, I heated up some fat (I greatly prefer bacon fat) in a pan. Once the fat was hot I added the potatoes and let them cook until browned/slightly crispy. While the potatoes were cooking up, I cut up an avocado in a bowl. I added the potatoes to the avocado when they were ready and topped it with a big scoop of Hatch salsa. Delicious!