Dinner 8/18/15


When: Dinner 8/18/15 - Green galore! 

Where: at home (made by the hubs) 

Ingredients: Green bell pepper, homemade beef patty, and zucchini.  

What I Ate: I came home from my CrossFit box (Tiger's Den) to this meal prepared by my hubs! 

I am so thankful to have a partner who loves to cook and try out new things in the kitchen. He thinks to try things I wouldn't and inspires me to play around more. 

Here is what he did: The beef patty wasn't anything fancy, just 100% grass fed beef formed into a patty, though if you want/have more time you could always mix it with some onion, spices and an egg. He just sliced the bell pepper and kept raw. The zucchini was prepared by using a mandolin to slice it into strips and then quickly cooked in boiling water. Then he dressed it simply in salt, pepper, and (here's the trick) a little white wine vinegar. The vinegar added instant flavor and I would not have thought of it! Try it out and let me know what you think.