Dinner 8/20/15


When: Dinner 8/20/15 - Made by mom & dad!

Where: My parent's house, just outside of Albuquerque in the eastern foothills.  

Ingredients: sweet potato, green beans, steak and scallops.  

What I Ate: One of the best things about moving back to my home state of Texas is that I am now within driving distance to all of my family! Especially my parents, who moved out to New Mexico a few years ago.  

Visiting my parents means great food cooked by my parents (dad handles the grill and mom does the rest), gorgeous views, beautiful weather, and a great glass of wine, all on the patio. 

One of the things we often forget is that the environment within which we eat our food can have an impact on what we eat, how much we eat and how enjoyable that food is.  

I encourage you to take some time this week (or plan it for this coming weekend) to make a nice meal and enjoy it in a nice environment, hopefully with someone you care about. The meal doesn't have to be difficult to make, this one wasn't, and you can create a nice environment by simply turning off the TV, putting down the cell phone, lighting a candle or two and playing some relaxing music. I bet you'll enjoy your meal as much as I enjoyed this one!